Kendhikulhudhoo Power House

N.Kendhikulhudhoo is a well developing island in Noon Atoll. The power house building of N.Kendhikulhudhoo is a dream of the island people which will help to provide electricity.

  1. Kendhikulhudhoo is one of the inhabited islands allocated in Noon Atoll. The Distance form Male’ to Kendhikulhudhoo is approximately 197 kilometers away. The project is based on constructing a power house at noon kendhikulhudhoo. Government has planned to provide electricity with fully equipped electrical services.

We are honored to be the contractor for the project, and are delighted to supply project maintaining quality and stranded within the set time frame that has exceeded the expectation of the client.




Location: Kendhikulhudhoo
Completed: 2008


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